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Providing innovative end to end solutions for the food, drug, natural health products and emerging cannabis sector.

Corporate Presentation
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Innovate Phytoceuticals

Innovate Phytoceuticals

A state of the art analytical and research facility housing advanced technologies to provide full-spectrum solutions for the pharmaceutical, natural health, functional food/beverage and cannabis industries.

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Formulates and produces an expansive line of functional cannabis-based natural health and pet products with its flagship brand HEMP for Life™ featuring HempCentra™.

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We are Canada’s most forward thinking group of experts in research, product development, cultivation, strain development and advancement of high-value cannabis, biopharmaceutical and natural health products. With capabilities spanning research & analytics, formulations, IP development & protection, clinical trials, high throughput extraction, finished product and investigational product manufacturing, we aim to be the most encompassed third party service provider.

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