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Hemp for LifeTM Products Hit the Market in America

Innovate Phytotechnologies Inc., through its wholly owned subsidiary, Phytomatrix Natural Technologies Inc.,(“Phytomatrix”) is pleased to announce the launch of a line of premier hemp supplements; Hemp for Life™. The subsidiary has completed the US (FDA) Food and Drug Administration notification process for 16 Hemp for Life™ products. These products have been purposefully formulated to pair the many known benefits of hemp with other medicinal herbs.

Hemp for Life™ includes seven products designed to improve mental wellbeing:

Alert, Energy, and Stress capsules can be taken to support cognitive function in cases of mental stress. These capsules boost physical performance and promote healthy glucose levels.

Focus, Immune, and Think capsules have been formulated to improve mental performance when faced with mental and/or physical overexertion and may assist in maintaining healthy stress levels and normal memory and cognitive function.

Sleep capsules contain ingredients used in traditional medicines to promote sleep and relieve nervousness.

The Hemp for Life™ product line also features capsules that have been shown to support bodily functions:

Bladder, Liver, Thyroid, Prostate, Cardio, Throat, Immune, and Gut Health capsules can help to improve personal wellness.

For women experiencing menopause, Hot Flash can be taken to relieve symptoms through its combination of hemp and medicinal herbs.

Enhance supports men’s vitality and function by employing traditional ingredients used in Ayurveda.

Each product has been shown to be a valid source of antioxidants and eradicate free radicals due to the addition of dried Cannabis sativa protein powder.

For a complete list of our newly launched products, their benefits, and more information, please refer to:

As with each subsidiary held by Innovate Phytotechnologies Inc., the Hemp for LifeTM product line is backed by our state-of-the-art analytical and R&D lab, Innovate Phytoceuticals Inc, and access to clinical trials at Innovate Clinical Centres Inc.

Phytomatrix’s mandate is to create hemp-based natural health products using hemp seeds as the core ingredient. Medically researched and scientifically formulated, Hemp for Life™ uses certified organic Canadian-grown hemp seed. With extensive research and development, the products are of the highest quality on the market.

“We are extremely proud to launch our new Hemp for LifeTM product line and are working diligently to launch our distribution and e-commerce business on our website. We are confident our line of premier Hemp for Life™ products will bring value to our shareholders through increased revenue flow and distribution opportunities.” said Adam Sexsmith, Director of Cannabis Operations for PhytoMatrix Natural Technologies Inc.

“Together with the release of our Hemp for Life™ products, and the upcoming ribbon-cutting opening of both our analytical lab and clinical trial site in Kelowna, we have established our foundation as a full-service provider to the pharmaceutical, cannabis and bio-tech industries in BC. The collaboration of our highly specialized team and all three of our subsidiary branches allows us to serve the robust demand for cannabis product development, R&D, and crafted IP”, said Rob Emlyn, President & CEO.

About Innovate Phytotechnologies:

Innovate Phytotechnologies Inc. provides innovative end-to-end solutions for the food, drug, natural health products and emerging cannabis sectors. Through its subsidiaries, Phytotechnologies offers seed-to-sale solutions and services including compliance and third-party testing, clinical trials, micropropagation, assistance with licensed cannabis producer applications and more.

These services meet an urgent and growing need in the cannabis industry for product differentiation: to certify unique products, develop exclusivity, and craft scientifically established IP.

For Investors regarding our conditional listing, please contact:

Innovate Phytotechnologies Inc.

Robert Emlyn
Chief Executive Officer

Neither the Canadian Securities Exchange nor its regulation services provider has reviewed or accepted responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of the content of this news release.


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