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A cutting edge Analytical, Research and Development facility dispensing a wide range of services and expertise to businesses in the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Food and Beverage Industries. The Innovate Phytoceuticals team includes experts in regulatory, molecular science, epigenetics, plant science, chemistry, formulation science, microbiology and tissue culture.

Our lab facility will be certified according to GCP, GLP, GMP, ISO, ICH, CFR 21, CFIA, and have the following licenses: DEL, NHP Site License, Precursor License, Cannabis Research License.

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Our Services

Standardized testing, non-standardized testing, PMRA testing, genetics, plant culture, sequencing, chemistry, formula & product development, protocol & product validation, stability studies, small batch manufacturing, regulatory services, GMP compliance, technical writing, grant writing, academic partnership projects, research, graduate projects

Our Advantage

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Our Facility - We are constructing a facility with research and analytical capabilities, providing standardized and non-standardized testing and method validation across numerous sectors.

Compliance - With our proprietary quality management system and our team of regulatory experts, we maintain compliance with multiple standards around the world, and as a result we meet or exceed licensing requirements.

Research & Development - We are striving to be a centre for research excellence, providing innovative cannabis research and professional project management by actively engaging experts in academia and industry.

Small Batch Manufacturing - In-house formula and protocol validation for the development and production of starting materials for LPs, blinded investigational products for clinical trials, and whatever else our clients need.

Unique Cannabis Services - Strain development using targeted genetic manipulation utilizing genomic and metabolic fingerprinting, tissue culture development, seed banking and intellectual property consultation.

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Industries Served

Cannabis, Natural Health Products, Drugs, Food, Beer & Wine, Agriculture, Industrial Hemp, Oceans & Fisheries, Pest Management Products, Veterinary Health Products, Cosmetics, Meat & Dairy, Environmental