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Phyto-Matrix Natural Technologies is a veteran in the natural health product and pharmaceutical brand development industries. We have developed and expansive line of functional hemp-based medical, recreational, and natural health products for the emerging domestic and international markets.

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Phyto-Matrix offers white labelling and turnkey business solutions that extend our wide-range of products to companies wanting to create and distribute their own tailored brand of hemp-based products. We take care of the formulations, R&D, processing, manufacturing and quality management so you can focus on tailoring your own brand.

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Phyto-Genious™ is a Phyto-Matrix exclusive proprietary technology that provides a luxury supplement line for Phyto-Matrix brands. Phyto-Genious™ is a prestige natural health product line with NMN solutions and male supplement. We believe that aging should not limit anyone's ability to enjoy a healthy and vibrant life, and that everyone deserves to keep the sparkle within them. 



Canaherb™ is a Phyto-Matrix exclusive proprietary technology that provides a superior hemp extract for Phyto-Matrix brands. Canaherb™ is designed to be flexible so that it can be integrated into multiple dosage formats including ready to drink, slow release, tinctures and topicals. The results are stable products enriched from cannabis.

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