Innovate PhytoTechnologies has established a network of research and development partners within cannabis, biopharmaceutical and natural  health product development, licensing, manufacturing, regulatory and distribution arenas.

Innovate PhytoTechnologies is positioned to take advantage of the early stages of Canadian and international cannabis industry upcycle.

  • Large scale cannabis producers are actively seeking to leverage raw products into higher-margin proprietary formulations.
  • Traditional natural health product, food, beverage and biopharmaceutical companies are rapidly establishing  cannabis division budgets for outsourcing development of  proprietary formulations and manufacturing.

The majority of Canadian publicly traded cannabis companies are focused on scaling up cultivation. Innovate PhytoTechnologies is the only Canadian cannabis company seeking to operate with low costs with a capacity to manage a large portfolio of R&D clients, while focusing on cultivation, research and development of high-value cannabis, biopharmaceuticals and natural health products.